Beanstalk Family Nurture Centre

Beanstalk Nursery Fergus Place Dunfermline Fife KY11 4PZ

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Opening times

Morning Session       8.35am - 11.45am Afternoon Session    12.45pm - 3.55pm Longer sessions are available (dependent upon priority needs)


Beanstalk Family Nurture Centre is a custom built Children's Centre. It opened in 1975, one of the first joint funded nurseries in Fife. Beanstalk Family Nurture Centre serves the Abbeyview area, of Dunfermline.

A purpose built facility, it is similar in design to those found in other areas of Fife. Beanstalk is one of 3 set up in Fife, known as 'Joint Centres'; these nurseries operate under Fife's Operational Policy for Children's Centres.

The centre has 3 areas – Ladybirds and Butterflies for children of 3 and 5 years and Bumblebees for children from 2 years.

We offer a number of additional services to families-

  • Younger places
  • Extended day
  • Work and training places
  • Parents groups
  • Transport
  • Holiday provision

The philosophy is based on a multi-agency response towards families in need, together with early intervention strategies to support young children and families.

Our services at Beanstalk aim at encouraging and supporting a child's growing within his relationship with his family and we ask for parent's active involvement in their child's nursery place. At times it can be difficult for any family to balance all the needs of its members - children and parents - and some of our services are designed to minimise stresses where possible, to encourage enjoyment of the relationship between parent and child and other family members, and to assist growth in all the family.

The centre also offer weekly parent and toddler groups, Bookbug, Baby Massage at Beanstalk Family Nurture Centre.  Please contact us for information.

We welcome any enquiries about our service and are pleased to meet with parents to discuss any aspects of our nursery.