Accessibility Roadmap

Our accessibility roadmap shows how we plan to improve accessibility on

This work will be undertaken over the next 12 months.

Some of the issues that we are currently working on



Target Date

Inaccessible PDFs

Review PDF’s on the site and make them accessible as required.

To work with Democratic Services to ensure Committee papers are accessible going forward.

A reduced number of editors will ensure that we work to reduce the number of PDF’s on our site and that those that are added going forward, are accessible.

Training on Word documents has been made available for staff.

July 2021

External audit of website

Quotes to be sought and audit undertaken.

Add details of testing and software used to Accessibility Statement.

July 2021

Accessibility Auditor in Matrix

Review accessibility tools available from our website provider and make fuller use of these.

July 2021

Maps, Council Tax Payment Form, Planning simple search

Additional areas have been highlighted through internal audit and need looked at.

We will work with our external suppliers to ensure accessibility compliance as far as possible.

July 2021

Some images do not have alternative text explanations

A review will be carried out and gaps addressed.

July 2021


All Fife Council associated sites have now been brought into our content management system.

Audit of the new sites to be conducted to ensure accessibility compliance.

July 2021

Resolved issues

The following issues have now been resolved.

Resolved issue


Date Resolved

WCAG issues identified by the Government Digital Service in June 2020

All issues have been addressed and improvements are now live.

This involved some internal work and external work with our website provider.

Examples of the improvements were to coding and scaling of text-based controls.

Fixes put in place should address the issues identified on the pages identified and also across the whole site.

October 2020

Internal accessibility testing of the website

Internal testing is now taking place using JAWS.

Regular use of Codesniffer has been implemented and issues identified will be addressed as required.


Accessibility Statement

Our existing Accessibility Statement has been reviewed and was published on the website.

16th September 2020

Accessibility Statements on all mini-sites and the Health and Social Care Partnership website

A subpage of the Fife Council Accessibility Statement has been created so a statement is now available on all mini-sites and the Health and Social Care Partnership website.

September 2020

Cookie issue picked up by JAWS

The issue picked up has been resolved.

Additional changes to JAWS reader accessibility were applied.

22nd October 2020

Victoria Forms

The EFS 8.1 upgrade patch has now been applied to our EFS system.

This should hopefully prevent forms with blank user groups appearing on our system now.

This update also includes a number of changes to help accessible users navigate our forms, such as improvements to the form controls.

October 2020

Some elements did not have sufficient colour contrast

We added styles to our theme to address this.

This related to content from our old site Fife Direct, which was decommissioned early in 2021.

March 2021

Some pages still linked to our old website Fife Direct

The style sheet issues were fixed.

Our old site Fife Direct was decommissioned early in 2021.

December 2020

Captions on videos

A review was carried out and gaps addressed.

This will be monitored on an ongoing basis.

Videos that go up from YouTube must have captions.

Limited control over third party videos.


Employee Information

Issues with the accessibility of the Employee Information section of the site were resolved when the content was moved to an internal system.

February 2021