Frequently asked questions

No, each school will keep their own identity. The staff and pupils will continue to be part of their own school communities.

There are many benefits to a joint campus including shared areas. The assembly hall, dining hall and physical education areas will be shared. The schools will manage these areas through their timetables. Sharing allows us to create additional, innovative spaces within the campus.

There are no proposed changes to the catchment areas of the associated primary schools.

No, catchment schools are based on individual addresses. You can check your school catchment here.

There will be no disruption to pupils and school staff during the construction period, as there's no need to decant the schools. During construction, we'll keep pupils and staff informed on the progress and will look for opportunities to offer site visits.

Both schools will ensure that they carefully manage the transition from the existing school sites to any single school site for all pupils with additional support needs. For any child where there is a concern about how they will cope with transition, an enhanced transition process will be arranged, which may involve extra visits.

From 31 January 2022 all under 22’s are now entitled to free bus transport across Scotland. This scheme allows children and young people to travel free on registered bus services, once they get a new or replacement National Entitlement Card (NEC). Details about the scheme and how to apply can be found at Young Persons' Free Bus Travel | Fife Council.

Children and young people who already have a Council-issued, colour-coded, travel pass must continue to use this on school buses - not the new NEC. They must show their Council-issued travel pass to the driver when they board the school bus, as evidence that their journey has already been paid for by the Council. This will give them priority over other pupils, who don't have Council issued bus passes but who may wish to travel on the same bus. They must also use the bus they have been allocated (as shown on their travel pass) to ensure the school buses are evenly loaded. Any child that chooses to use a different bus will have to present a valid NEC or pay a fare and could be refused if the bus is full.

We'll undertake extensive ecological surveys to establish the presence of any protected species and inform any mitigation measures which may be needed as part of the construction.

Providing swimming pools in our new build schools is assessed on a case-by-case basis, considering what’s available nearby. There’s no swimming pool planned for these new school buildings, as Carnegie Leisure Centre is three miles from Dunfermline Learning Campus and has three swimming pools.

Before the existing Woodmill HS swimming pool closes, we’ll be continuing our work with Fife Sports and Leisure Trust in supporting the transfer of existing lessons and lets to their facilities in West Fife, or to our other school pools in Inverkeithing, Lochgelly, Kirkcaldy or Glenrothes, where capacity allows.

The new campus will have access to a range of facilities when not in use by the schools.

The new campus will have a phased opening during the 2024/25 academic year, with the schools opening to pupils in August 2024.

Fife Council always follows national guidance and legislation when designing any new build. Along with same sex toilets, in several of our schools, we also have unisex, accessible toilets.

The first term after the summer holidays will see big changes for pupils, teachers and support staff.  There will be new floor layouts, new operating systems, new technology and new learning spaces for everyone to get used to. Also, during the first term we’re planning open evenings for parents to tour the new schools and experience this new era in education.
We want all our facility users to get the best possible experience in the new campus. We have therefore agreed a phased approach to the delivery of some services. Following the schools starting in August, we will start community access to the sports facilities at Dunfermline Learning Campus from 7 October 2024.
In the meantime, we want to ensure continuity of service and we’re working with the clubs that currently use St Columba’s and Woodmill High Schools to find alternative accommodation where possible before moving to the new campus.