Reforming public services

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Reforming public services

We're developing a 'no wrong door' approach to service delivery. This is about recognising and tackling the inter-related issues that tip a person or a household into crisis in a proactive, joined up way. Providing a seamless service - not dealing with one issue at a time in vertical functions.

In 2024 we'll be working up the detail of an operating model to more closely align a range of services that combat, and could prevent, all the big risk factors. This will include teams from housing, communities and neighbourhoods, customer and online services, economy, planning and employability, children, families and justice services.

Developing a three-part model

We’ll create a new triage function, joining up staff who currently work in public facing roles. These colleagues will:

  • provide a first point of contact for clients
  • start forming a rounded view of wellbeing
  • deal with straightforward issues
  • signpost to a partner service or refer internally to a new relationship management function
Relationship management

The relationship management function will draw on skilled professionals from across service areas. These staff will:

  • build a deeper understanding of wellbeing issues
  • look at the whole life of the person family and create a full package of support around the things that matter most to them
  • identify and involve other relevant experts
  • develop a trusted relationship - provide help but also grow a client’s ability to help themselves and succeed independently in the future

And we won’t wait for people to come to us. We’ll make better use of the data we hold to proactively target households that we know are affected by multiple life issues. We'll reach out to prevent crisis.

Enabling support

Our customer facing teams will need help from internal support teams. An enabling function will need to include capacity for: policy, research, communications, corporate development and improvement, programme management, quality assurance and compliance, internal coordination and assistance.