Coronavirus Community Assistance

Community assistance will provide lifeline support and supplies (including, essential food and medication, emotional and financial support) for people who have no family or access to support agencies.

Who can apply:

  • Someone who has been identified by NHS as being high risk of severe illness and has been advised to “shield” themselves against coronavirus.
  • Someone over 70
  • Someone disabled
  • Someone pregnant
  • Someone who requires the support of Mental Health Services
  • Someone who receives a flu jab for health reasons
  • Someone self-isolating customer who has no family or community support.
  • Someone who needs advice on financial, wellbeing matters, any other support or who want to volunteer.

If you are in the shielding category, you will need:

  • Shielding letter
  • CHI number (on your letter)
  • Mobile number (to allow you to register to receive text information & advice)

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