Current bus consultations in Fife

Make Bus Journeys Better in Fife

Fife Council and the Fife Bus Partnership are giving you the chance to share how buses could be improved in Fife, as part of a consultation running from 30th May to 11th July 2022.

As part of the council’s commitment to tackling climate change, more people in Fife will be encouraged to make more sustainable travel choices, such as using public transport. To help make this happen, we're looking at ways to make current bus services quicker, more convenient, and more reliable across Fife, to benefit residents, business, and visitors alike.  

Follow the link below to complete a short survey on your travel habits, and how you think today’s transport challenges can be addressed.

Tayside Bus Alliance Case for Change Survey

The Tayside Bus Alliance and Fife Council are carrying out a study to consider improvements to transport in the Tayside area, including the route between the Taybridgehead and St Andrews.  

This study will consider measures that aim to improve bus journey times, reduce the negative impacts of congestion on bus services, and encourage bus use. Please help us to understand your travel habits and how you think today’s transport challenges can be addressed, by completing the short survey linked below by 17th June 2022.

The survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete.

Let’s talk… about supported bus journeys in North East Fife 

We want to hear from those who use buses in North East Fife. Residents are being asked to share information about how and why they use local bus services, or why they choose not to, as part of a consultation running from 23rd May to 30th June 2022. Find our more.

In particular, we're looking for views on the subsidised bus services (those paid for by the council) operating in North East Fife, so that we can better understand customer needs.  All comments received will be considered when contracts for these subsidised bus routes are renewed in August 2023. Please click on the link below to take part.