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Road and pavement permits


If you need to occupy part of a road, pavement or cycle path, you will have to apply for permission. To do this use the links below to take you to the correct online application form. Using our online forms is the quickest and easiest way to apply for permission. We have also provided a link to the paper form under each section. If you are in any doubt about which application you should be completing, please contact us on the information listed below.

Skip application and extension on a road

This application is to request permission to place a builders' skip on a road, footpath and/or a verge.

  • Cost: £20 per week.

Skip application and extension in a Pay & Display area

  • Cost: £9.60 per day
  • £48 per week for each bay occupied

Occupying a road

If you need to occupy a road for any period of time you will need permission for any of the following reasons:

  • Depositing materials
  • Erecting staging or scaffolding
  • Siting a portable cabin or hut
  • Erecting a hoarding or fencing
  • Siting of handling equipment
  • Use of a cherry picker.
  • Cost: £30.00 for first week then £15.00 each week or part week

Execute roadworks under the New Roads and Streetworks Act

This application is to request permission for placing, maintaining, adjusting or removing apparatus in, or under a road.

This includes excavating in or boring under a road.

  • Cost: £108

Vehicle access (lower a kerb)

To apply for permission to construct a vehicular access crossing over a road, path or verge or to lower a kerb.

  • Cost: £108

Temporary Traffic Restriction Application

Transport (Scotland) Act 2005 requires a three month notice period for all works that affect the road network.

As soon as you decide contact one of the people below before completing the form.

  • Cost: We will invoice appropriate fees, once we process the application.

Switch off a pedestrian crossing or traffic lights application

Please read the terms and conditions before completing this application.

Traffic Signal application

This application is to request permission to:

  • Use two way portable traffic lights or signs where specific site approval is not required
  • Apply for portable traffic signal site approval
  • Request a portable traffic signal design and approval

To switch off a fixed pedestrian/pelican/zebra crossing please contact the appropriate area office below.

NOTE: You must sign and bag off signals when they are out of use.

Holding an event on a road

To request permission to hold a:

  • Parade or procession
  • Street event
  • Community Council event
  • Road race
  • Erect a stall for charity

If you need to apply for dispensation to park, load or unload on an area with traffic restrictions. Please use the contact details provided on the Parking dispensations page.