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Community Alarms


Fife Council have a community alarm scheme to help you stay at home if you are older or have a disability.

It is a personal alarm system that gives you the security of knowing you can call for help in an emergency – for example if you fall, or feel ill, at any time of the day or night.

How does the alarm work?

You wear the alarm as a pendant so it’s with you at all times. When you press the alarm it sends a signal down your telephone line to a central control room where our operator picks up your call.

Once you have signalled for help, an operator can speak to you through your alarm unit to establish what the problem is. You do NOT have to lift your telephone to make contact. If for any reason you can’t speak, the operator can still arrange for help.

After the operator has spoken to you, they will contact:

  • Your carer (usually a neighbour, friend or family member who has a key),
  • Mobile Emergency Care Service or the emergency services.

If the situation is not an emergency we will do all we can to help and advise you but may not be able to visit.

Who can use the scheme?

You can have an alarm system fitted if you:

  • Live alone (or with a resident helper) and cannot leave your home
  • Are at risk because of ill health, frailty, disability, extreme anxiety or isolation
  • Are capable of using and understanding the system

How do you get an alarm?

If you think you need an alarm contact us and we will carry out an assessment.
After you have been assessed as needing an alarm, we will visit you at home to install the system – it connects to your telephone line. We will also explain how to operate the alarm.

Normally you can have an alarm system fitted within two weeks.

How often do we check the equipment?

We will visit you regularly to check your pendant and the alarm unit. We will also check with you that the contact details we have for your carers are still correct.