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Assets & Corporate Services Sub Committee

From 1st April we will have a limited number of previous committee meeting papers online.  We are currently transferring to our new system and will have more availability of historical papers shortly.  If you require papers that are not currently held on the website, please contact the Committee Administrator.

The terms of reference and functions of the Assets and Corporate Services Committee are to deal with the following matters:-

  • decisions relating to all physical assets (including land, buildings and other property), including common good property
  • all matters relating to the acquisition, disposal or other dealings with specific Council (including common good) assets, property and facilities insofar as not within the remit of Policy and Co-ordination or the Area Committees
  • the development, maintenance and review of a Corporate Asset Management Plan to ensure that the Council achieves Best Value
  • all matters relating to the implementation of a school estate strategy
  • the strategic objectives and financial performance of all trading activities
  • burial grounds and crematoria
  • determining asset transfer requests under the Community Empowerment Act 2015
  • monitoring and reviewing policy and all matters concerned with the health and safety of Council employees and the obligations of the Council under Health and Safety legislation
  • budget and other monitoring of the Finance and Corporate Services Directorate.

Assets and Corporate Services Committee membership

The Committee will comprise 15 members, based on political balance calculated as above.

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Scheduled meetings of the committee

There are no meetings currently scheduled.

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