Waste Advice for University Students

Service Update

St Andrews Town Centre Changes to the Domestic Waste Collection Service

Please note that all grey landfill bins in the town centre will soon be swapped over for blue landfill bins. These blue bins will have the same capacity as the grey bins.

Your grey landfill bin will be swapped over on Tuesday 01 March 2022 Please present your grey landfill bin for collection on that day, once your grey landfill bin has been emptied please leave it on the kerbside as it will be swapped over later in the day.

There are also some properties within the town centre area that also have a grey landfill bin serviced weekly and a blue paper bin that is serviced every 4 weeks. On Tuesday 01 March 2022, both bins will be emptied as per the online collection calendar, after they have been emptied, the blue bin is to be used for landfill and the grey bin is to be used for paper & cardboard.

If you are on a black sack collection system or if you use communal bins your service will be unaffected. Black sacks and communal bins will continue to be collected weekly.

There will be no change to the online bin collection calendars for these properties, the calendars currently show blue for landfill and grey for paper & cardboard.

Where should I put my Waste?

Speak to your landlord in the first instance, landlords should provide you with details of your waste arrangements - bin collections, recycling requirements, sacks collections and the importance of using the systems provided correctly. If no waste information is provided, please email Fife Council at  recycling.advisers@fife.gov.uk or call 08451 55 00 22

You must not just put waste out on the street and leave it there, this is fly tipping and may result in a fine!

Bin Collections

  • Bins should be out by 6am on collection day and must be returned to your property asap when emptied. They should not be left out longer than necessary
  • Bin lids should be closed.
  • We will not collect any extra bags, boxes or other waste placed at the side of the bin. This is fly tipping and will be investigated.

Find out your collection day on our online bin calendar   https://www.fife.gov.uk/services/bin-calendar

Sack Collections

Your property may be on a sack collection if:

  • You do not have space to store a landfill bin.

Sack collections are collected weekly. Any recycling waste should be disposed of at nearest recycling point.

50 sacks are delivered every six months, please use 2 two sacks per week.

Sacks must be placed in a seagull proof sack. Provided by Fife Council

If you are on a sack collection and do not have Fife Council sacks or a seagull proof bag, please contact recycling.advisers@fife.gov.uk

We will only uplift Fife Council branded sacks from the collection point. Do not put loose waste in seagull proof bags. This will not be lifted.

Extra Waste or Recycling

Do you have too much waste for your bins or sacks?, dispose of additional recycling waste at local recycling points or St Andrews Recycling Centre at Largo Road (behind Morrisons)

Large Household Items

Fife Councils recycling centres can be used to dispose of large household items. You can also arrange for large household items to be collected from your student accommodation.


Please visit St Andrews University website for more information on how you can recycle and reuse your unwanted items.

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