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Mr D AllanA welcome from the Rector.

It gives me great pleasure to be able to welcome you to the Kirkcaldy High School web site. I see our web space as having two main functions. The first of these is to inform any interested visitor of the work of the school. Secondly we have developed a learning resource which will support the achievement of our learners in its widest sense. Our web site helps us to promote the home/school partnership which this requires.

Parents/carers and our students know that we are a school which is firmly based on respect. We value RESPECT FOR SELF, RESPECT FOR OTHERS and RESPECT FOR LEARNING, and I am sure that visitors to our site will see many examples of how we promote our core values.

In addition to highlighting the ways in which we strive to enrich young lives and help prepare young people for the future, our web site will help any visitor understand how we work; our curriculum, how we promote achievement, how we deliver lessons, how we support learners, how we foster a community ethos, our resources and facilities and how we organise all of these aspects of our school.

I must thank you, the parent/carer community of KHS for your very strong backing and cooperation over the past year. All our successes as a school are based on this and it was a pleasure to be able to report the results of the "Parentwise" and "Pupilwise" surveys at Prizegiving in June. In 36 of the 39 questions asked, the KHS positive response rate exceeded the Fife average.

These recent online surveys were organised by Fife Council and the results show very high levels of appreciation for what we are trying to do here. An incredible 96% of those who responded said that they were "happy with the school". This compares very well with the equivalent figure for all Fife secondary schools. Across Fife 84% of respondents were happy with their high school.

In respect of SQA exam results, and I am delighted to report that there continues to be a rising trend in attainment over almost all of the reported indicators. A great many young people have seen their hard work and effort rewarded as they matched or bettered their targets. In the key areas of literacy and numeracy, ever more S4 pupils are achieving Level 5?the gateway to Higher. In S5, we can also report record levels achieving Highers, with 25% of the previous year's cohort going on to pass 3 or more Highers at Grade A-C. This is the entry level for most University courses. Chloe Newton, Rebecca Hay, Tamara Alrahow, Ashley Davidson and Lauren Kerr could not have done better in the exams. All of the girls got straight "A" grades in S4 and each has been presented with a special Achiever's Tie.

In August we welcomed new staff Miss Dickson in English, Mr Campbell and Miss Malcolm in PE, Miss Burke and Miss MacEachen in Languages and Miss Ashby and Miss Braid in Social Studies. We also welcomed back Mrs Garrie in Drama after her maternity leave. Mr Marshall is now a Guidance Teacher for Adam Smith House and Mrs Hunter is Guidance for Carlyle. Best wishes to Miss Keeble (English) and Mrs Bruce (Drama), who are currently on maternity leave.

I mentioned your strong support earlier. Many thanks for your continued backing on uniform, and especially the wearing of blazers. We have had a very good uptake and I know that many parents/carers appreciate the lengths we have gone to secure a good deal. Please check the Academy Uniforms website to order a quality KHS blazer and badge for only £29.50. Blazers.

You will know that we make strenuous efforts to keep you informed about the life of KHS. As well as our Newsletter, there is our monthly diary in the Fife Free Press. We also email messages  home - if you do not receive these, please contact the school and we'll add you to our mailing list. We use "Parentcall" too?this is a text message or email alert and it will be used to notify you of any school closure or other urgent matter. We regularly ask for updates, but if we do not have your current mobile number, please do advise us. Our website is an up to date resource with lots of "live" information and you perhaps know that we are also the leading Fife school in the use of "Twitter" - you can follow us @KirkcaldyHigh. Many of you already do, and we have over 1000 followers.

Our website is one of the most important ways of keeping in touch. Clicking on our pages, I hope that you will be informed about KHS and impressed by the achievements of our learners. This is becoming an increasingly useful place, a virtual learning space and a key means by which Kirkcaldy High School expands beyond its campus and engages ever more effectively with the wider world.

Best wishes, on behalf of us all at Kirkcaldy High School.



Derek Allan (RECTOR)                                                                           

July 2015





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