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Mr D Allan

It gives me great pleasure to be able to welcome you to the Kirkcaldy High School web site. I see our web space as having two main functions. The first of these is to inform any interested visitor of the work of the school. Secondly we wish to develop a learning resource which will support the achievement of our learners in its widest sense. Our web site helps us to develop the home/school partnership which is required.

Parents/carers and our students know that we are a school which is firmly based on respect. We value RESPECT FOR SELF, RESPECT FOR OTHERS and RESPECT FOR LEARNING, and I am sure that visitors to our site will see many examples of how we promote our core values.

In addition to highlighting the ways in which we strive to enrich young lives and help prepare young people for the future, our web site will help any visitor understand how we work; our curriculum, how we promote achievement, how we deliver lessons, how we support learners, how we foster a community ethos, our resources and facilities and how we organise all of these aspects of our school.

It’s traditionally at this time of year that we take stock and think ahead  -  looking back at the year past and forward to the one ahead. For Kirkcaldy High School, it has been a year of significant achievements, on many levels. In 2014, we were presented with a COSLA Excellence Award for our pioneering work in respect of teenage pregnancy prevention. We were also finalists in  the “Daily Record” Scottish Education Awards, in the Health and Wellbeing category and, in August, we were selected as Kingdom FM’s “Best School” in Fife. We are rightly proud of these accolades. And, whilst all this was going on, our young people continued to make very good progress in their SQA exams and in their personal achievements. I am sure that you will know this to be the case; you’ll have seen our termly newsletters and our Standards and Quality Report, which highlight our strong progress. I could not be more proud of our young people.

I mentioned teenage pregnancy prevention, and I am pleased to report quite dramatic success in reducing the rate of under 16 pregnancy locally. You will be aware that we have introduced a hard hitting sex and relationships education programme, aspects of which are delivered by “peer educators” - young people specially trained to lead discussion groups on difficult subjects. We have also established a weekly “drop-in” clinic with condom distribution, pregnancy testing and referral for longer term contraception or infection screening.

In 2010, before we began our initiative, the rate of under 16 pregnancy across the KHS catchment was, at 14.2 per thousand, one of the highest in Fife. The latest data shows a big reduction, to 5.2 per thousand—the 4th lowest of any Fife secondary school catchment. I must commend our excellent Guidance Team, led by Mrs Houston and Mrs Ritchie and our terrific School Nurse team, led by Val Reid. This is a very significant achievement.

All parents/carers are invited to attend a special meeting of the KHS Parent Council on Tues 3 Feb. We seek your opinion on recent Fife Council proposals on adjustments to the school day — including the idea to have a shorter Friday for pupils. 

May I extend a warm welcome to new teacher, Miss Samfat, in Business Education. Miss Samfat joined us in November after Miss Kelly took up a position in Paisley.

You will know that we make strenuous efforts to keep you informed about the life of KHS. As well as our Newsletter, there is our monthly diary in the Fife Free Press. We also email messages  home - if you do not receive these, please contact the school and we’ll add you to our mailing list. We use “Parentcall” too—this is a text message or email alert and it will be used to notify you of any school closure or other urgent matter. We regularly ask for updates, but if we do not have your current mobile number, please do advise us. Our website is an up to date resource with lots of “live” information and you perhaps know that we are also the leading Fife school in the use of “Twitter” - you can follow us @KirkcaldyHigh. Many of you already do, and we have almost 900 followers.

Thinking ahead … there remains much to do. We want to be the very best around. Thanks for backing the mission.

Our website is one of the most important ways of keeping in touch. Clicking on our pages, I hope that you will be informed about KHS and impressed by the achievements of our learners. This is becoming an increasingly useful place, a virtual learning space and a key means by which Kirkcaldy High School expands beyond its campus and engages ever more effectively with the wider world.

Best of luck for 2015, and a very Merry Christmas from everyone at Kirkcaldy High School.


Derek Allan (Rector)                                                                           

December 2014





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