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A Great Performance? Oh Yes It Was!

posted by Peter Grant at 5:54 PM, Mon 19 Dec 2011

Thursday night we went to see the Glenrothes Theatre Company's production of Aladdin at the Rothes Halls.  They usually put on one or two shows per year and we always try and go along to support them.  Not that they needed us to make up the numbers this time - the place was packed.

A feature of any of their shows is the number of young people on the stage. They run a series of workshops through the year and the youngsters who attend get the chance to appear in the final production.  This time they had at least a dozen young folk, some as young as nine years old, all making their first ever live appearance on stage.  Several leading parts this time were taken by actors who are still in their teens and who started out the same way not so long ago.

There are some very talented young people out there. Full marks to GTC and other local outfits who nurture this talent, and to the Arts & Theatres Trust (now renamed On At Fife) who support them.

If only somebody had thought of asking the genie to have a look at the Council's budget.

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